Who? What? When? Where? Why?

What is Westside Provisions? Can I take my engagement photos on your property? Do you lease space for events? These are some of the more common questions we receive, and we have the answers to these and many more. If you don’t find an answer to your particular question, feel free to contact us at (404)  815-0045.

What’s your photography / film policy?


The Westside Provisions photography policy is designed to limit commercial use while encouraging bloggers, students, local professional photographers, families, and friends to use and enjoy our site as a backdrop for personal photography. General rules regarding photography at Westside Provisions:

  • To apply, please submit this Hold Harmless Agreement and provide details on this Photography Permission form. Submission contact is Kemberly Bell // Property Manger // Jamestown, LP // (404) 815-0045.
  • Photographer must submit documents and request approval at least two weeks before the shoot date.
  • Fee of $150*, is due upon approval of submitted documents, and grants the photographer access to shoot in the district with 2 weeks prior notice for 12 months. *Single-use private clients and students may request a reduced fee.
  • Total number of models, photographers assistants, etc. (the “Shooting Party”) should not exceed 6.
  • Handheld gear only. (No rolling bins or lighting that requires electricity).
  • Photography is allowed on Sundays only. *Exceptions are occasionally made for shoots starting and ending by 10 AM on weekdays and Saturdays for very small shooting parties (4 or fewer).
  • Shooting parties must not impede merchant entrances or common walkways.
  • Public restrooms are not to be used for changing, hair, makeup, etc.
  • While this policy pertains generally to still photography, non-commercial, small-scale videography and film is also occasionally allowed, as long as gear and shooting party sizes conform to the limits above.


Because of the impact to merchants and our property, photography & videography / film is disallowed at Westside Provisions for most commercial use. If an exception is granted, location fees will range from $1,500 – $5,000+ per day. The fee is dependent upon impact to the property and other factors including:

  • How the creative material will be used
  • Publicity and/or public information value
  • Benefit or negative impact to Westside Provisions merchants
  • Size of the shooting party, etc.

Please direct commercial photography requests to our PR firm, Phase 3 Media. Contact is Julia Baker.

Where are you located?

Westside Provisions District is located on Howell Mill at 14th Street, Atlanta, Georgia 30318. Check out our map for location and to get directions.

What are your hours?

Each of our merchants sets their own hours of operation. Please check our Shopping and Dining page to find out when a particular shop or restaurant is open.

I have a general question. How do I contact you?

Please contact:

Property Management Office


Is there free parking?

Absolutely! We offer ample free parking in both our surface lots and our parking deck. The district is bustling at lunchtimes and in the evenings Thursday-Saturday. During our busiest hours, we also offer gratuity-based valet service.


Why is there a pig in your logo?

The historic heart of Westside Provisions was once the site of Atlanta’s first modern meatpacking facility. Our logo reflects this history. Also, he’s cute! For a wealth of historical information about Westside Atlanta, including original ownership and historical data about the White Provision and Star Provisions buildings, explore the site map section at Marietta Artery Association.

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